South Bolivia

Sorry for such a long pause in blogging – I just could not do this post without getting the photos developed.

The best cristals are under

Misa and Jeep

After a brief acclimatization in Tupiza we decided to book the tourist highlight of South Bolivia – 4 day jeep tour to the salar and other interesting places in the almost uninhabited land close to Argentinian and Chilean borders.

The Crew

The whole tour is at high altitude, between 3500m and 5000m with the highest sleeping point at 4300m. The weather was rough too – we had anything from hot sun to hails it the four days. But the countryside is just stunning.

jeep trip - electroinstalation above my bed

Misa almost poisoned

First two nights we slept in small villages or not even villages in the desert. The nights are cold, but with a bit of wine and a lot of blankets I was only not sleeping well due to the altitude. The first night I decided to charge my phone just before climbing into bed. There was a power socket and some cord in it above my bed, but when I plugged the cord out and the charger in, nothing dramatic seemed to happened in the room.The next morning the hostel owner came to our room investigating why the rest of the hostel was without electricity, why everybody had to use headlamps to go to the toilet. Guess what, the cord above my bed connected the whole property to electricity. Sorry for the inconvenience, but the phone got charged 100%.

2nd Night Accommodation

During the trip we saw several lagunas of different colours, lots of Flamingos, several volcanos (including the Uturuncu which will probably destroy the whole area in a few decades), Vicuñas, Vizcachas, sand plains, rocky plains, salty plains, dead trains, dead city, stone tree, sun-sets, moon-sets,…

Vulcan Uturuncu

Sunset over Snow Peeks

Flamingos and Uturuncu

CocaCola and Desert Night

Valle de Dali

Laguna Colorada

Laguna Colorada

¡Así es la vida!

Kopec soli, vertel soli …