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Total distance is 4944.86 km (2670.01 NM).
Total number of tracks 260.
Distance of filtered tracks is 75.68 km (40.86 NM).
Number of filtered tracks is 7.

Carel is a Wibo 835 sailboat from 1977 which we bought in 2020. We sailed her across the Netherlands from south to north for 6 months in 2021. Then in 2022 we sailed her from north Netherlands to south, passing through Belgium and back to the southern Netherlands. Now in 2023 are sailing north again - follow our progress on the map with near real-time updates

Every time we anchor or moore, we add a point with a comment to this map (click on any small anchor to read it). Any time we track the journey with GPS we upload the track to this map so you can even follow where we were tacking against the wind, got lost, returned etc.

We also post photos on Instagram and blog about the journey at zaludeknavlnach.cz