Lonely Planet about Nazca:

And indeed this sun-bleached expanse was largely ignored by the outside world until 1939, when North American scientist Paul Kosok flew across the desert and noticed a series of extensive lines and figures etched below.

Today Nazca is all about Nazca Lines.

Where to sleep? There is a very luxurious Hotel Nazca Lines, but also Hospedaje Nasca Lines, Hostal Lineas de Nazca, Hotel Nazca, Hotel Nasca, Hostel Lines… Those are for the generalists. Then if you are a fan of one particular figure you can choose from Hotel Real Alcazar, Hostal El Condor, Hotel Condor, Hospedaje Picaflor, Hostal Mono … I’m not kidding.

Where to eat/drink? Restaurante Nasca Lines, Bar El Astronaut … Enough!

Cahuachi Pyramids

Cahuachi before excavation

What to do? Fly over Nazca Lines. No, I did not. Instead I went to see Cahuachi pyramids recently discovered and excavated by Italian archaeologists.

Nazca - The Hands

El Arbol desde El Mirador

And only last day on the way out of town I stopped at El Mirador to see The Tree and The Hands. The Lines are actually much smaller than I imagined. Or at least The Hands and The Tree are.

Nazca - The Needle (and the string)

Interamericana cutting through Nazca Lines

Maria Raiche Haus

Then I had the bright idea, that hiking on a highway in the desert without water was cool. It was hot. But I made it to The Maria Rieche Museum, which actually was cool.

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