London Highlights

It really was one big party in London, thanks Misa.

So I’ll just briefly list the highlights:

How many lines do you see?

  • Being beaten in ping-pong about 20times in 2 hours and finally realizining that I can sweat from this sport.
  • Riding the bike on the left side of the road. Turning right on crossroads.
  • Being nearly overrun by a double-decker bus while riding the bike.
  • Visiting Tate Modern.
  • Drinking “Teapots” that had the shape of teapot, but no tea inside – all alcohol.
  • Waiting in a queue to get to a bar. The bar’s name was G-A-Y.
  • Drinking beer at Admiral Duncan’s, the place which was bombed down by a homophobic terrorist some years ago.
  • Visiting an exhibition of one thing that was 4m tall, 20m long and invisible. Seeing a blind person comming to the same exhibition.
  • Seeing Clockwork Orange screening and following discussion panel wonderfully organized by Núria and João.
  • Eating in a proper Chinese restaurant in the middle of nowhere (west London).
  • Reading first half of the book byZoe aka Abby, finally.
  • and probably other stuff I have forgotten due to the permanent high levels of alcohol…