Google Maps Street View and my memories of NY

Google has done another big thing. They released the Street View feature for their maps. As with every google announcement the blogosphere is exited with a post about it every few minutes. And as with almost every google product people are asking if it compromises our privacy. Maybe, may be not. I don’t have a strong opinion yet. Update in 2018: After reading about surveillance capitalism extensively, reading this old sentence on my blog made me laught. Time to strike out.

All I have is one positive experience: I have been to the states only once for a few months. I stayed in New York only about a 4 days of the time. I have walked down the Central Park, across the Brooklyn Bridge and I have seen the Flat Iron Building. I also remember eating several meals at one pizza place across the street from the hostel. It is probably a place like hundreds others, but I liked it a lot. Especially the fact, that the waitress spoke worse English than me.

Pizza Pasta

I took a photo of the place from the hostel room. Now, 5 years later, while trying out the new google feature I became curious if I still can find the place and if so, if google took a photo too. And guess what! I can and they did!