66 Seconds

Now that I have a blog, I can blog about a movie we did a few years ago. Johny has put it to YouTube recently, so after those years it now can get all the publicity it always deserved. Update 2017: Johny blogs about 66 Seconds on his new blog. Update 2018: Johny’s old blog is gone for good.

There are two versions of the film. The original one is black and white and I like it better:

and the second version that Johny calls “Director’s Cut” has more color and flashy effects.

Don’t worry if you find the story a bit flat. That’s perfectly normal. We actually started filming from the very end of the film working backwards intending to make the plot on the fly. First the final fight, than the run there, than the elevator and than … the security guard came and we had to stop. What a pity this masterpiece of modern film could not have been finished with a few more scenes explaining why the characters fight and kill, who is the good guy and other important questions.

Even greater pity is that when the security guard came I was so surprised I tilted the camera downwards. So now we don’t even have the face of the one that caused the film not being finished. Anyway the original footage with all the scenes in the order they were made is also available. It is a sort of “the making of” document:

And for those interested, I did also play in the film. I’m the guy with the shopping cart that gets hit in the first few seconds.