michaela.synackova.com up and running

After 2 years of me paying for the domain, Míša finally decided what to put there. Minimal, kind of professional ;) business card of “Michaela Synáčková, film production assistant” up running since yesterday at http://michaela.synackova.com/.


Stejně jako Robin Wauters píše v updatu na TechCrunchi, i já od teď budu sledovat Autocomplete Me Blog.

Eshop pro Nakladatelství Toužimský a Moravec

Udělal jsem nový eshop pro strejdu Michala Moravce. V nakladatelství Toužimský & Moravec vydává knížky o Bigglesovi, dobrodružné knížky z divokého západu včetně těch od Karla Maye a sem tam něco od Wericha nebo dokumentárního mimo normální edice, takže pokud toto čtete, tak jinde těžko najdete nižší ceny (omlouvám se za malou reklamu, ale je [...]

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GeoURL Mapplet for Google Maps

GeoURL is a service that maintains list of web sites and their geographical coordinations. It is possible to search a site and get it’s location as well as search a location and get all nearby sites. However the results are not shown on map. There have been attempts to map results (see comments under GeoURL [...]

Google Earth or Google Maps overlay for Czech golf courses

I wanted to do this myself, but first I searched, if somebody wasn’t faster. And there I found it. Complete kmz file for all Czech golf courses with some basic info like address, email and www of each course. It includes a bit of advertising for the map creators but I think this is much [...]

Facebook OpenID App

Update: This has been implemented at identitu.de. I’m not sure if the implementation details are exactly as described in this post, but they seem so. See (de)railed blog for details. Facebook does not officially support OpenID. But would the Facebook Platform make it possible for 3rd party developers to implement OpenID App on top of [...]

Google Maps Street View and my memories of NY

Google has done another big thing. They released the Street View feature for their maps. As with every google announcement the blogosphere is exited with a post about it every few minutes. And as with almost every google product people are asking if it compromises our privacy. Maybe, may be not. I don’t have a [...]

Deep tagging

Tak jsem zase jednou zjistil, že jsem dlouho žil v nevědomosti. Tagy znám, ale hluboké tagy? Už dávno psali na TechCrunch “All The Cool Kids Are Deep Tagging“. Jak mě to mohlo minout? Deep tagging není nějaká novinka ani úplná blbost, soudě podle milionových investic do společností, které se tím hodlají živit. Takže ve zkratce: [...]

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ClaimID goes social

ClaimID has announced new feature: contacts (see also Fred’s blog post). This makes ClaimID, originally an elegant service for keeping and verifying links about oneself, a social network a bit like LinkedIn, Orkut, Myspace… The big difference is, that to connect with someone, he does not have to be a ClaimID user, he just needs [...]