While reading Want to commit Facebook suicide? No, really, there’s an app for that! I came across a link to 100 years old essay Desintroductions by Ambrose Bierce which is truly brilliant. Short citation: Mr WHITE: Mr Black, knowing the low esteem in  which you hold each other, I have the honor to disintroduce you [...]


Stejně jako Robin Wauters píše v updatu na TechCrunchi, i já od teď budu sledovat Autocomplete Me Blog.

Google Maps Street View and my memories of NY

Google has done another big thing. They released the Street View feature for their maps. As with every google announcement the blogosphere is exited with a post about it every few minutes. And as with almost every google product people are asking if it compromises our privacy. Maybe, may be not. I don’t have a [...]

Blogging harder than seems

Yeah, yeah, I have not posted anything for last two months. TWO MONTHS! Yes, I know some of my friends told me this would happen. I just never believed it would come so fast. Looking at the access statistics, there is about 15 visits per day on the blog. What are the people reading? The [...]

The Bank of All My Friends (Flickr Group)

The Bank of All My Friends is one of those funny useless things I can’t resist. This flickr group is about photographing half of someone’s face with half of a face on any bank note. Fortunately, Czech government does not plan to introduce Euro, the headless currency, till 2012 so we still have some time [...]