RIP Chinon

Every camera has to die one day. And so did my lovely Chinon from the 70s on Sunday 18th September 2011 in Speakers Corner of Hide Park, London. Unfotuanatelly I did not know until today, when I got the film back from the lab. The film advance has been broken and all of my pictures [...]

Expedice Dinamarca und DDR

Wonderfull time in Dinamarca und DDR. See map and photos underneath. Best viewed in Google Maps or even better in Google Earth. Photos best viewed in Picasa Web Albums. Statistics: Overall map: View Larger Map Photos:

The Bank of All My Friends (Flickr Group)

The Bank of All My Friends is one of those funny useless things I can’t resist. This flickr group is about photographing half of someone’s face with half of a face on any bank note. Fortunately, Czech government does not plan to introduce Euro, the headless currency, till 2012 so we still have some time [...]

Testing my new vintage folding camera – Agfa Isorette

Some time in December I read a lot about middle format cameras. I found out I couldn’t afford a medium format SLR. Than this site selling vintage folding cameras caught my attention. After trying to resist the temptation I gave up and searched for those cameras in local second hand photo shop. I found one [...]