Expedice Dinamarca und DDR

Wonderfull time in Dinamarca und DDR. See map and photos underneath. Best viewed in Google Maps or even better in Google Earth. Photos best viewed in Picasa Web Albums. Statistics: Overall map: View Larger Map Photos:

GeoURL Mapplet for Google Maps

GeoURL is a service that maintains list of web sites and their geographical coordinations. It is possible to search a site and get it’s location as well as search a location and get all nearby sites. However the results are not shown on map. There have been attempts to map results (see comments under GeoURL [...]

Google Earth or Google Maps overlay for Czech golf courses

I wanted to do this myself, but first I searched, if somebody wasn’t faster. And there I found it. Complete kmz file for all Czech golf courses with some basic info like address, email and www of each course. It includes a bit of advertising for the map creators but I think this is much [...]

Google Maps Street View and my memories of NY

Google has done another big thing. They released the Street View feature for their maps. As with every google announcement the blogosphere is exited with a post about it every few minutes. And as with almost every google product people are asking if it compromises our privacy. Maybe, may be not. I don’t have a [...]