From Ica to Lima

After Nazca I was not sure if stopping in Gringo oasis of Huacachina is worth the trouble. I did and retrospectively I must admit skipping this would be a huge mistake. Huacachina is only 5min taxi from Ica downtown. But worlds apart. I arrived at 2pm to hostel Desert Nights, booked a desert tour for [...]


Lonely Planet about Nazca: And indeed this sun-bleached expanse was largely ignored by the outside world until 1939, when North American scientist Paul Kosok flew across the desert and noticed a series of extensive lines and figures etched below. Today Nazca is all about Nazca Lines. Where to sleep? There is a very luxurious Hotel [...]

The Business of Machupichu

After visiting the least visited UNESCO site in Argentina I could not miss one of the most visited ones. The trouble is it is a BIG business which means that half of the options were booked out when I arrived to Cusco and that all the options are quite expensive. If anybody manages to see [...]

South Perú

After I finally fleed Bolivia, my first stop in Peru was Puno. A place with such a boring name can not be interresting, right? I only stopped here to go to the floating islands. Some say it has become such a tourist business that it is not even worth going. Well the first part is [...]

Bolivia: There and Back Again

After South Loop, La Paz twice and Copacabana it was time to move east, because the day of Misa’s flight to Europe from Santa Cruz was slowly getting closer. We went with an overnight bus to Cochabamba and arrived on 20. April. Only a week and half before Evo decided to nationalize the Spanish owned [...]

DHL Expess Client Experience

This longest post I have ever written is dedicated to my most consistent facebook commenters Petra and Palko, as they are going to enjoy it the most. As my passport has been stolen and I had seen Misa’s problems with getting a new document from incompetent embassies, I decided to have my other passport be [...]

Bolivian Titicaca

Still without passports and a bit exhauseted by marathon through the embassies we set off to actully see more stuff in Bolivia. We set off to Copacabana (yes, Bolivia has it’s own Copacabana). The bus from La Paz took 4 hours of which I slept the most. There is a ferry on the way, where [...]

Fun At The Embassies

The night bus from Uyuni to La Paz was surprisingly comfortable – coche cama – with place for legs and almost horizontal sleeping position. We were quite tired after the 4 days of jeep trip so sleeping was really not a problem. There was only one stop for toilet at the middle of the night. [...]

South Bolivia

Sorry for such a long pause in blogging – I just could not do this post without getting the photos developed. After a brief acclimatization in Tupiza we decided to book the tourist highlight of South Bolivia – 4 day jeep tour to the salar and other interesting places in the almost uninhabited land close to Argentinian and Chilean [...]

Into Bolivia

Crossing from Argentina to Bolivia took hours. Only because of really bad organization which surprisingly was on the Argentinian side, not on the Bolivian as one might expect. There were no problems with my torn passport so Nicaragua is officially the only country which ever had a problem with my passport damaged by ignorant US [...]