It is exactly one year since I started my “gap year” traveling on 2nd September 2011. Now I’m back and settling in the “normal” life again. So it is time to close this trip and stop blogging for some time. Here is a little debrief. When I started I had three objectives: to learn Spanish, [...]

Book Exchange

Normally at home I read about one book per year. While travelling I realized I can catch up on some reading. The book exchange with other travelers, in many hostels and even in pubs is actually much better than going to the library as it makes you read things you would otherwise not know even [...]

Coming Back

When the boat got to Panama, my trip looped. Coming to Panama City after 11 months felt a bit like coming home already. It has not changed much. The skyscraper that had only the concrete structure last time was almost finished with shiny glass. My favorite, and also only one, photography shop that still did [...]

Sailing from Colombia to Panama

Almost a year ago I went with Ewan to Portobelo on the Caribean side of Panama. This was my first trip in Panama actually. There in Captain Jack’s I met people that had come to Panama with a sailboat from Colombia. I learned how this works and that it is the most sensible way how [...]

The Rest of Colombia

After salsa life in Cali I went to relax in Salento. Salento is a coffee region of Colombia, but also a home to Colombia’s national tree – the funny looking high palm. Valle de Cocora at EveryTrail My first night there I was welcomed by hundreds of lightning beetles. Quite similar to Nicaraguan experience earlier [...]

The Capital of Salsa

Forget Cuba. Cali or Santiago de Cali is the true capital of salsa. Once I found the salsa hostel in Cali (Jovita’s) I started taking salsa classes and dancing. The day schedule was totaly different from whatever I had experienced before on this trip. Sleep all morning. Group salsa lesson in the early afternoon, individual [...]

Ecuatorianamente Refrescante

After Chimborazo I went directly to Baños. I could not wait to get to the hot springs for some rapid regeneration. The springs open at 6pm, so everybody is advised to arrive just at that time so that the water is still clean and the place not overcrowded. This means it does not work, because [...]

Highest Mountain of the World

Chimborazo is the highest mountain of the world. Well, sort of. The highest mountain of the world messured from the sea level is of course Mount Everest. But messured from the Earth center, it is Chimborazo, because the Earth is not a perfect sphere. For completeness, there is also the tallest mountain of the world [...]

South Ecuador

On the Peru-Ecuador border I fell in a classic tourist scam. A taxi driver claimed I have to get the exit stamp before going on bus. I did not believe, so we went to ask a “policeman” who was actually a private security guy and he confirmed the story. They said I need an exit [...]

North Perú

I was feeling like I’m running out of time already. You know, only 3 months left and so much to do. So I searched for flight deals to speed up my jurney. I found a really good deal – 66USD including everything from Lima to Piura, that is about 1000km or about 15hours on bus. [...]