Book Exchange

Normally at home I read about one book per year. While travelling I realized I can catch up on some reading. The book exchange with other travelers, in many hostels and even in pubs is actually much better than going to the library as it makes you read things you would otherwise not know even [...]

DHL Expess Client Experience

This longest post I have ever written is dedicated to my most consistent facebook commenters Petra and Palko, as they are going to enjoy it the most. As my passport has been stolen and I had seen Misa’s problems with getting a new document from incompetent embassies, I decided to have my other passport be [...]

Adiós Centroamérica

Eran buenas seis meses viajando en Centroamérica. Me encanta esta parte del mundo, la jente, la comida, el ron, la paisaje, todo. La cerveza tiene que mejorarse. Muchas gracias a todos que encontré. Estan muy amable. Espero que un dia puedan visitarme en República Checa o que yo puedo regresar. Adiós Centroamérica. English summary: If [...]