Into Bolivia

Crossing from Argentina to Bolivia took hours. Only because of really bad organization which surprisingly was on the Argentinian side, not on the Bolivian as one might expect. There were no problems with my torn passport so Nicaragua is officially the only country which ever had a problem with my passport damaged by ignorant US [...]

Argentinian Highlands

After Tucuman we borrowed Lonely Planet and after some reading decided to go to the highlands. The secret agent told us Tafi del Valle was the most beautiful place he had seen. It was nice. Although the hostel was not. But the landscape is really unusual and beautiful. We spen a day looking for some [...]

Across Argentina

After Iguazú we were still not sure whether to go to Bolivia through Paraguay or through Argentina. We postponed the decision and went to the Jesuit Reductions on the Argentinian/Paraguayan border (actually on Argentinian side). San Ignacio are ruins of Jesuit town in really bad shape, but huge in size. Somewhere I read it was [...]


Where Río Iguazú meets Río Paraná, Paraguay meets Brazil and Argentina. Three different worlds. Ciudad Del Este is typical Paraguayan disorganized city. Foz do Iguaçu, just over the bridge, is a clean city with residential skyscrapers. Also the languange is different, so people working in tourism try to speak Spanish to foreigners and while doing [...]


Uncensored guest post by Misa, my sister. I could not wait to start the adventure with my brother in South America. To get from London to Asuncion, Paraguay, took me 27 hours. Vasek arrived the same day early morning, got us a hostel during the day and picked me up the airport in the evening. [...]