Adiós Centroamérica

Eran buenas seis meses viajando en Centroamérica. Me encanta esta parte del mundo, la jente, la comida, el ron, la paisaje, todo. La cerveza tiene que mejorarse. Muchas gracias a todos que encontré. Estan muy amable. Espero que un dia puedan visitarme en República Checa o que yo puedo regresar. Adiós Centroamérica. English summary: If [...]


After Rio Dulce, Livingston and later Tikal I had a couple of weeks more for Guatemala. I spent them wisely mostly on the gringo trail. Chicken busing from Flores to Semuc Champey was not really money/time efficient, but was fun anyway. Semuc Champey itself was wonderfull. The one day tour with river swing, caving with [...]

El Mundo Maya

It is basically impossible and foolish to travel through this part of Central America and do not visit any of the Maya archeological places. So these few places is what I selected from the tenths of options. Joya de Cerén This place is called Pompeii of the Americas and that is exactly what it is. [...]