Just another day on the road

It has been 6 days since I have not stopped in any place for more than one night. Hitchhiking on pick-up vans does not excite me any more as much as it did back in Panama, but still it is a nice way how not to sweat while travelling. I thought I was already used [...]

Salvadorian Little Failures

Not everything goes as one wishes, that is normal. But when you have a few days of failures you start wondering why. So we arrived in Suchitoto. Very nice place in the north of El Salvador. The local tourist attraction is bueatiful waterfall over strange black hexagonal stones. Quite similar to the one in El [...]

First Days in El Salvador

I skipped Honduras intentionally. I’m probably wrong, but I don’t see anything interresting in that country for me (I don’t dive), and it is the country with the world’s highest intentional homicide rate at this time. So we only went through with a few busses, only stopping to change or show passport. El Salvador is a [...]

Nica Cultural Activities

Between the hiking and boarding I have also done some “cultural” activitities here in Nicaragua. The Cockfight The cockfight was a strange experience. We went to this Gallera place where many locals go to spend sunday afternoon watching roosters fight. It really is a whole afternoon social activity. At a first glance it might seem [...]

More about the Volcanos

It seems like my trip is a lot about Volcanos. I started in Panama, then had more in Costa Rica and later in Nicaragua at Ometepe. However that was just the beginning. All those times I have never seen the top of any volcano, never seen the full siluete of any of thouse perfect volcanic shapes. Even [...]