Playa Venao

More than two weeks at Playa Venao were not expected. I meant to stay like for a week at max. But once I got the first lesson of surf and started feeling like at home at Eco Venao, the time started to go really fast. That place is just like a newly discovered paradize. For [...]

A Month in Panama

Just now it is exactly one month since I arrived to Panama. Time goes by so quickly… I spent over a week in Panama City (not that it would be that much interesting, just I got food poisoning much sooner than expected), over 2 weeks in Playa Venao (not that it would be enough to [...]


I got a nice offer – a bike for two days for free if I repaired it. So I did and skipped a few surfing sessions to bike around. Cycling in tropics = bikramcycling. Don’t do it, unless of course you thing bikram yoga is a good thing. PS: blogging from phone is not fun. [...]

Guide for Tropical Rain

This is what I had to learn the hard way: If it looks like it might rain, it will. If it looks like in might not rain, it will. If the rain starts, you will not make it to the next bus stop with dry pants. Hiding under a huge tree does not help. If [...]