RIP Chinon

Every camera has to die one day. And so did my lovely Chinon from the 70s on Sunday 18th September 2011 in Speakers Corner of Hide Park, London. Unfotuanatelly I did not know until today, when I got the film back from the lab. The film advance has been broken and all of my pictures [...]

Vítáme te

I flew to Panama with Iberia, the Spanish airline. I seriously think these guyes should consider applying for Michelin stars. The food for being served on board was really good, 3 times over 10 hours of flight. I arrived in PTY airport at about 5pm local time. Passport check queue was so long, that we [...]

London Highlights

It really was one big party in London, thanks Misa. So I’ll just breiefly list the highlights: Being beaten in ping-pong about 20times in 2 hours and finally realizining that I can sweat from this sport. Riding the bike on the left side of the road. Turning right on crossroads. Being nearly overrun by a [...]

Main und Rhein

Původní nápad dojet z Prahy do Londýna na kole jsem nakonec úplně nedotáhnul do konce. První kus jsem jel autem, pak docela dlouho na kole, ale občas vlakem a nakonec už tak foukalo, že jsem jel vlakem a trajektem a vlakem a vlastně poslední den jsem kolo jen tahal s sebou. I tak to ale [...]